Welcome to the Paper Tiger Cooking Class Since 2001

A perfect way to learn the secrets of Khmer cooking at the Paper Tiger’s cooking school. After picking your favorite dish from the menu (one starter, one main course, and one dessert), join one of the daily classes and you will be taught how to prepare the dish for yourself by one of our Khmer chefs. Then you will be able to taste your own dishes!

1. Visit the Historic Old Market

Visit the market where local people sell the fresh ingredients everyday and you will discover all the fresh vegetables and meat you will need to prepare your delicious dishes.

2. Learn How To Cooking

You will get to know more about the ingredients and our chef will help you to prepare and cook your dish.

3. Enjoy Your Own Meal

After you finished cooking your own food, it is time to enjoy with other students.

The PaperTigereatery is first choice for you!

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